Our mission is to develop and promote regenerative agriculture in the southeast by providing life building components for soil and crop improvement.

We believe that well structured soil will accept and retain moisture as well as make needed minerals available and accessible to plants and crops. This in turn, will produce better vegetation for livestock in grass and hay; and higher yield potential in row crop production. The advantage of moisture retention in a drought susceptible climate is a non-negotiable benefit.

We value the concept of management that invests into the future of your land. Thinking towards the future naturally leads to leaving a healthy legacy.

We provide the opportunity to apply humus and liquid humus extract to crop and livestock food production at a cost that competes with chemical and supplement cost yet reaches beyond immediate results to ongoing improvements. There is an economic and health impact in our soils that we believe is missing in mainstream practice.

Southern Legacy Soils uses humus that is specifically constructed to match the needs of the soil, and liquid humus extract that is applied like liquid fertilizer to land, pasture, and crops.

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